Individual Appointments

Olinde Career Center counselors and career consultants are available to meet one-on-one with LSU students, faculty, staff and alumni. Any member of the community who is not affiliated with the University may schedule one appointment with an LSU Olince Career Center staff; community appointments are limited to ensure our staff can accommodate LSU's large campus community.


How do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment please call 225-578-1548, click here to schedule online or stop by B-4 Coates Hall. We are open 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; we are closed on University holidays.


  • Appointments are free for LSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni (within 6 months of graduation).

  • Appointments are $20 each for alumni who are past 6 months after graduation

  • Appointments are free to alumni who schedule within 30 days of registering for Careers2Geaux; after 30 days, appointments are $20 each.

  • Appointments are $30 each for community members


LSU Olinde Career Center is currently housed in two locations: 1502 Patrick F. Taylor Hall (Employment Services) and B-4 Coates Hall (Student Services). Most individual appointments take place in B-4 Coates Hall.



10-Minute Walk-In Appointments

In an effort to better serve students, the Olinde Career Center is implementing 10-minute walk-in appointments for the fall and spring semesters.


Have a quick career related question and do not want to schedule a full appointment? Come stop by during the below days and times to get a quick answer about our services, events or where to find that career-related information you are looking for.


Monday - Friday

1 to 3:30 p.m., B-4 Coates Hall



Types of Appointments Offered:


Resume/Cover Letter Reviews – Need help developing your resume or cover letter?  Our Job Search team can assist you in every stage of that development: from creation to perfection.  A staff member will walk you through the creation process and go over your documents line-by-line so that you leave with an understanding of how to market yourself to employers. 


Interview Preparation – Interviewing can be an intimidating process for many students.  An Interview Prep appointment is designed to give you tips and tricks to ace an upcoming interview. Learn how to research companies and why companies ask specific questions.  Gain an understanding of how to answer specific questions that are nerve-racking so that you can enter an interview confident that you are well prepared. 


Mock Interview – This is the real practice interview.  You will be asked to practice online with Interview Stream and email a job description to the assigned staff member before your appointment so that we can adequately prepare for your appointment.  To get the most out of this appointment it is important to treat it like a real interview and prepare accordingly.  We can even video tape your interview if you would find that valuable. 


Job Search Coaching – Do you know what you want to do but have no idea where to begin the job search process?  Then this is the appointment you want to schedule.  Our staff will assist you with planning your job search from where to look to how to network.  We recognize that every job search is different, so we can give you pointers on how to maximize your time when searching for a job. 


Personal Statement/Graduate School – Our staff is more than capable in advising you if Graduate School is the next step in your career.  While we will not write your personal statement for you, we will assist you with organizing your ideas and content to produce the best personal statement possible.  We can also assist you manage the entire application process.


Choosing Your Major/Career – Having trouble deciding what major to choose?  Stressed about what to do after college?  Our counselors can talk with you about the options offered at LSU and how they relate to careers.  They may recommend that you take one of our personality assessments and come back for an assessment interpretation.  These assessments can give you a better understanding of how your values, interests, goals, etc. relate to different majors and careers. 


Gain Work Experience - Have you decided what direction you would like to go in for your career but aren’t quite sure how to get there or what your next steps should be? Come have a conversation with our Experiential Education team. We can help you to identify resources to find an internship, co-op, volunteer position or many other opportunities that will help prepare you for that next step along your career path. No two internship searches are the same; together we can come up with a customized plan to fit your needs and goals. Our team can assist you with your resume, cover letter, and thank you note writing skills in addition to mock interviews and interview preparations especially when it comes to internships.