Type Focus


This assessment is designed to assist you in making effective decisions about careers and college majors. Personality is one component of self-awareness. There is a strong correlation between personality type and job satisfaction. Determining your personality type will provide valuable information about careers that would likely be a good fit for you.


Based on your results, a counselor will guide you through the process of identifying careers that fit your interests.


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Career Discovery is a free assessment offered online to LSU faculty, staff and students.


Use the TypeFocus Career Program to take the Personality Questionnaire and then complete the Self-Awareness report. As part of the login, you must include the "site password" please click HERE to log-on to PAWS and view the site password.


Click here to use the TypeFocus Career Program


Print each section of the report for future reference or for discussion with a career counselor or academic advisor.



Call Career Services at 225-578-1548 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.